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Our vision is to help people
make better career decisions.


Bloomigo helps people to make better career decisions by doing predictive analysis on career
paths already taken by different people and their experiences

People are unaware about their potential career opportunities due to lack of information. Hence,
they tend to make random career decisions. We believe in solving this problem by Content
(generated via alumni interaction ) Data analytics of career paths already taken.


mindset behind the career decisions made by people who were once at your position.


to pursue the career which
you always dreamt of.


yourself, fulfil your ambition and
become an inspiration for millions.


Bloomigo is a fast growing startup based in
Mumbai. We are looking to expand our team with
passionate and enthusiastic people.

Leave us your contact, we will reach out to you soon.


Please submit the information below to reach us.

Fourtheye Web Technologies Pvt Ltd

401, The Space, Raheja Vihar, Chandivali, Mumbai-72, India